The Best Wheel Cleaners in Australia

BMW Wheel

Car wheels are some of the trickiest components to clean, due to the extreme conditions and elements they are subject to. The huge range of products on the market serves to complicate matters further as knowing which product to use isn’t clear-cut. In this article we narrow down the options for you by analysing some … Read more

The Best Car Polishing Machines in Australia for 2022

car polisher buffer

For most car owners, taking care of your car’s exterior stops after you’ve washed and dried it. While this is better than nothing, it is really only half the job if your car isn’t new and has tired and oxidated paint. To maintain your car to the highest possible standard, every so often it will … Read more

The Best Car Wax in Australia for 2022

Car wax

Protecting your car’s paint job is essential if you want to limit the effects of ageing and maintain its resale value. What’s more, with the right product you can have your car shimmering in the sunlight and water beading off it in the rain. There are, however, a plethora of car waxes available, each offering … Read more

The Best All Terrain Tyres in Australia for 2022

Toyota Landcruiser

The importance of tyres has been discussed at great length; they’re often an expensive investment and can be the difference between getting back home and being stuck in the middle of nowhere. It’s easy to go and buy a set, but buying tyres that best fit your needs requires a little bit more consideration. Here, … Read more

How to Wire Spotlights into High Beam

Spoltlights high beam

Spotlights are a popular addition to any off-road vehicle, and there is an increasing number of options available on the market. Be it traditional halogen lights or an LED light bar, wiring them correctly and safely will ensure they can be used reliably for years to come. Important: – There are various local rules and … Read more

What Seats Fit a HiLux? A Guide to HiLux Seat Upgrade Options

Toyota Hilux

Seats are an often overlooked, but essential item in your car or ute, and especially so in a 4×4 with touring in mind, or a working car where driving thousands of kilometres is par for the course. In many vehicles especially older ones, a seat upgrade can make a world of difference in terms of … Read more

The Best OBD2 Scanners in Australia for 2022

OBD2 Scanner Australia

Since the mid-1990s with the US-mandated installation of an on-board diagnostics (OBD) port, the automotive industry has seen an uptake in a wide range of uses for this little-known plug hidden away under your dashboard. From various error codes to software updates, engine tunes and live data scanning, the wide range of uses utilising the … Read more

Michelin Pilot Sport 4 vs Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5 vs Continental PremiumContact 6

Michelin Pilot Sport Tyres

Ultimate Wet and Dry All-Rounder MichelinPilot Sport 4 Efficient High-Performance Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5 Performance for a Wide Range of Rim Sizes Continental PremiumContact 6 When it comes to choosing performance rubber, drivers are spoilt for choice. However, amongst a segment with many great options, there are three that stand just a little bit … Read more

Bridgestone Ecopia EP150 vs Michelin Energy XM2+

Michelin tyres

For many Australians, fuel consumption and tyre wear are some of the biggest considerations when buying new rubber. Chasing lap times or the last few percentage points of grip in spirited driving simply isn’t a factor, and so the market has met these demands with a segment of tyres focussing on economics, rather than outright … Read more

Pirelli Scorpion ATR vs Bridgestone Dueler AT: Side-by-Side Comparison

Land Rover

For nearly two decades now, Australians have in larger numbers been buying SUVs, 4WDs, and light commercial vehicles. And of course, tyre manufacturers like Bridgestone and Pirelli have responded by bringing to market a range of suitable tyres. Pirelli’s Scorpion ATR and Bridgestone’s Dueler A/T tyres blend on-road and highway performance with useful off-road ability, … Read more