Nudge bar vs bull bar: which to choose?

nudge bar

Bull bars are one of the most popular 4×4 vehicle modifications. They increase the protection of a vehicle’s vital components, are better for off-roading, and offer a base for mounting other popular accessories. But is a nudge bar a better choice if you spend the bulk of your time in the suburbs? Read on to … Read more

Curved vs Straight Light Bars: Which is Best?

4x4 with lightbar

Effective auxiliary lighting is a must for most 4×4 vehicle owners. And they’re accessories chosen as much for form as for function. Modern light bars come in a wide range of options, quality, and price. They have rapidly grown in popularity thanks to their mounting flexibility and easy integration on any truck. RELATED: The Best … Read more

Toyo Open Country AT2 vs BFGoodrich T/A KO2: Which to Choose?

4x4 4

Buying tyres that are both safe and suitable for their purpose is money well spent. 4×4 vehicle owners want a tyre that will wear evenly and get great mileage. But at the same time, they want something that thrives in off-road conditions. Today we compare two popular all-terrain (AT) options from Toyo Tires and BFGoodrich. … Read more

The Quietest All Terrain Tyres in Australia for 2023

4x4 Tyre

It’s no surprise the bulk of a 4×4 vehicle’s time will be spent on the road, and while road noise may be a secondary concern for many buyers it should nonetheless be taken into consideration. Tyres are responsible for a lot of the road noise you hear in the cabin and, while vehicle design plays … Read more

Toyota HiLux towing capacity

Red Toyota Hilux

Vehicles as popular as the Toyota Hilux have a wide range of uses and as work and recreational vehicles, and its varying tasks often labour it with the need to tow a wide range of loads. This leads many HiLux owners to the question of, what is the towing capacity of a Toyota HiLux, and … Read more

Outback Armour vs Tough Dog Suspension

offroad driving

It’s no secret we love the outdoors and taking a 4×4 off-road, but from the factory, a vehicle isn’t normally capable of handling the extreme conditions Australia has to offer. Luckily there is a healthy aftermarket sector, but who provides the best components for your 4×4? In this article, we compare the product range from … Read more

MSA Mirrors vs Clearview: Which is best?

Towing caravan

Clearview Towing Mirrors MSA Towing Mirrors Travelling with a caravan is one of the most popular forms of holidaying in Australia. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, caravan sales were already on an upswing, with a 26% increase over the five years up until the end of 2020. In 2020 alone, the Caravan Industry Association of Australia … Read more

How to Fit 33 Inch Tyres to a HiLux

Toyota Hilux

There is a lot to consider when fitting 33″ tyres to your Toyota HiLux. If it is practical or not is another matter, but how to do it requires a little planning and (potentially) significant investment. What is modified affects what else needs to be modified (or not) and legislation both nationally and state-specific can … Read more

Safari Snorkel V-Spec vs Armax

Hilux with Snorkel

Snorkels are a popular addition to any 4WD vehicle as they reduce the engine’s ability to ingest potentially harmful elements and maintain optimal engine performance. Dust and water can cause a litany of catastrophic problems and a snorkel provides some assurance that this risk is reduced (when installed correctly). Safari 4×4 Engineering has had skin … Read more

Purple Metal Polish vs Autosol

Autosol e1641361416824

Purple Metal Polish Autosol Metal Polish Polishing metal is as much an art as it is a science, so really a combination of the two is the way to go when it comes to achieving a result you are happy with. The product, while very important, is probably secondary to the tools and technique used. … Read more