Pirelli Dragon Sport vs Michelin Pilot Sport 5

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Pirelli and Michelin are renowned for making some of the best tyres on the market. The Dragon Sport was reviewed in our performance tyre report, but since then Michelin has released the long-awaited Pilot Sport 5. So, how does the older Pirelli compare with the new kid on the block? Dragon Sport Pilot Sport 5 … Read more

Falken Wildpeak AT3W vs BFG KO2: Which is Best?

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In our extensive all-terrain tyre test, we compared 13 different 4×4 tyres. With such a large choice, there was likewise a lot to consider between tyres. This time, we have selected two very popular options from that test to compare side-by-side. The Falken Wildpeak AT3W and BFGoodrich T/A KO2 both compete for the same A/T … Read more

Michelin Pilot Sport 4 vs 4s vs 5 Tyre Comparison


Michelin has been at the cutting edge of performance tyres for decades. The evergreen Pilot Sport 4 and Pilot Sport 4S twins have been joined in 2022 by the long-awaited ultra-high performance (UHP) Pilot Sport 5. The three tyres may be broadly similar at face value but there are some differences worth considering. In this … Read more

Toyo Open Country AT2 vs BFGoodrich T/A KO2: Which to Choose?

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Buying tyres that are both safe and suitable for their purpose is money well spent. 4×4 vehicle owners want a tyre that will wear evenly and get great mileage. But at the same time, they want something that thrives in off-road conditions. Today we compare two popular all-terrain (AT) options from Toyo Tires and BFGoodrich. … Read more

The Quietest All Terrain Tyres in Australia for 2024

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It’s no surprise the bulk of a 4×4 vehicle’s time will be spent on the road, and while road noise may be a secondary concern for many buyers it should nonetheless be taken into consideration. Tyres are responsible for a lot of the road noise you hear in the cabin and, while vehicle design plays … Read more

How to Fit 33 Inch Tyres to a HiLux

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There is a lot to consider when fitting 33″ tyres to your Toyota HiLux. If it is practical or not is another matter, but how to do it requires a little planning and (potentially) significant investment. What is modified affects what else needs to be modified (or not) and legislation both nationally and state-specific can … Read more

Bridgestone Dueler D697 vs Cooper AT3: AT Tyre Comparison

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Tyres are some of the most critical items you will ever buy for your car. More important than almost anything else, tyres are the only things actively keeping you on the road (or safely off it), and the demands bestowed upon them (temperature, weight, water, and road conditions to name a few), are significant. 4×4 … Read more

The Best Performance Tyres in Australia for 2024

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The days of sports cars being the toys of the rich and famous are long gone. Today, even the most budget-conscious enthusiast can get into a vehicle offering great fun and ability at any speed, on the road or the track. However, a car is often only as good as the tyres on it, and … Read more

The Best All Terrain Tyres in Australia for 2024

Toyota Landcruiser

All-terrain tyres are a great option for vehicles that spend most of their time on the tarmac but need something that can occasionally handle rougher terrain. While it’s easy to go and buy the first set you look at, finding tyres that best fit your needs requires a little more consideration. In this guide, we’ve … Read more

The Best Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) in Australia

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A Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (or TPMS) makes it easy to keep an eye on your car’s tyres in real-time without using a pressure gauge. However, with a market full of good and bad options, shopping for the best one for your vehicle can be challenging. In this article, we explore 5 of the best … Read more