XTM Air Compressor vs Kings Thumper: What’s the Difference?

4wd changing tyre

XTM Air Compressor Kings Thumper Thumper Max XTM and Kings Thumper air compressors are known to be affordable, high-performing and durable. But, if you’ve taken a close look at these two air compressors, you’ve probably noticed they look almost identical. Trying to figure out the difference? Below, we compare the XTM air compressor along side … Read more

The Best Car Polishing Machines for 2024

car polisher buffer

For most car owners, taking care of your car’s exterior stops after you’ve washed and dried it. While this is better than nothing, it is really only half the job if your car isn’t new and has tired and oxidated paint. To maintain your car to the highest possible standard, every so often it will … Read more

The Best Socket Sets in Australia for 2024

Socket set

DIY, car and motorbike projects are made considerably easier when using the right tools. A well-selected socket set will come in useful time and time again against a range of nuts and bolts. However, there are lots of socket sets on the market and the right one for you really depends on your application. To … Read more

The Best Impact Wrench in Australia for 2024

Impact Wrench

Whether embarking on a DIY or professional project, the bolting and unbolting of screws, nuts and bolts are a guaranteed task. This can quickly become time-consuming and frustrating, particularly when you come across a stuck or rusty bolt. This is where an impact wrench makes all the difference. The high torque output requires minimal effort … Read more

The Best Torque Wrench in Australia (Buying Guide)

Torque Wrench

Torque wrenches are precision instruments that should be one of the staples of every mechanic’s toolbox. Unlike regular wrenches, a torque wrench indicates the exact amount of force that’s being applied to its handle, which makes it mandatory for any detailed car-related wrenching. Due to its ability to apply a specific amount of force to … Read more

The Best OBD2 Scanners in Australia for 2024

OBD2 Scanner Australia

Since the mid-1990s with the US-mandated installation of an on-board diagnostics (OBD) port, the automotive industry has seen an uptake in a wide range of uses for this little-known plug hidden away under your dashboard. From various error codes to software updates, engine tunes and live data scanning, the wide range of uses utilising the … Read more

The Best Jump Starters In Australia for 2024

Car Jump Starter

Gone are the days where you need jumper leads and a second vehicle to restart your car battery. Modern portable jump starters are affordable, efficient, safe, and easy to use. These handy devices can make all the difference if you experience troubles with your car battery, especially if you are far from home. What’s more, … Read more

The Best Garage Door Openers in Australia

Garage Door

A garage door opener is one of those day-to-day items that doesn’t get the attention it deserves. As soon as you install a garage door opener you’re going to wonder how you ever coped without it. They are easy to use, improve the security of your garage and make it safer (and easier) for you … Read more

The Best Tyre Pressure Gauges in Australia for 2024

Tyre Pressure Gauge

Tyre pressure gauges are essential in any vehicles tool kit. They help you make sure the air pressure in your tyres is as it should be. This may sound simple but it is vitally important for safety, vehicle handling and tyre wear. We’ve reviewed the best pressure gauges available so you find the right one … Read more

The Best Portable Air Compressors in Australia

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A portable air compressor is a lightweight, convenient and easy to use tool that simply connects to your car’s battery or cigarette lighter and lets you check, maintain and adjust your tyres pressure as needed. Using an air compressor to make sure your tyres are the correct pressure can improve safety, handling and fuel economy. … Read more