The Best Throttle Controller: iDrive vs Hikeit

4x4 in sand

How does a throttle controller work, do you actually need one, and which is the best option for your vehicle and driving style? To help you in your search, we’ve analysed the most popular throttle controllers on the market and assessed them against a range of important criteria including features, ease of installation and ease … Read more

Thinkware vs Blackvue Dash Cams

dash camera australia

Finding it difficult to choose between a Thinkware and Blackvue dash cam? These two top-of-the-range dash cam brands have a lot in common, but also some subtle, yet important differences. Below, we’ve analysed two of the most popular models, the Thinkware F770 and the Blackvue DR750S, to help you to decide which is the best … Read more

How to Get a Holden Radio Security Code

Holden car radio

If you’ve had any work done on your Holden that disconnected the electrics, your radio is likely now displaying a lock screen prompting you to enter a security code. Here’s how to get your radio back up and running: Locating Your Holden Radio Code The security code is a 4 or 6 digit sequence of … Read more

Tomtom vs Garmin GPS Sat Navs

GPS Sat Nav for car

TomTom and Garmin are two of the top brands offering car sat nav systems. We’ve analysed both brands to identify the key differences between them and find out why users may prefer one brand over the other. Our review looks at everything from the display and interface to the POI feature, maps and battery life … Read more

The Best Car Speakers in Australia for 2021

Car audio speaker

Upgrading your car speakers is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve sound quality. There are lots of speakers on the market, and an increasing number of brands entering the space. With this review, we aim to make it quick and easy for you to find the best option to suit your car and … Read more

The Best Apple Carplay Double Din Head Units

Apple Carplay Head Unit

Connecting your iPhone to your car’s head unit is effortless with Apple CarPlay. This infotainment system allows you to use voice control, send text messages and make phone calls and access a variety of apps such as Spotify or Apple Maps in a safe, distraction-free way while you drive. There are lots of head units … Read more

The Best UHF Radios in Australia

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If you are travelling in a remote area then a UHF radio is a non-negotiable that you need to have as part of your kit. Offroading in Australia often means being out of phone reception and if you have no UHF radio on board this can turn a bad situation a lot worse. A UHF … Read more

The Best Android Auto Head Units

Auto Android

If your car stereo needs upgrading don’t settle for basic replacement head units with limited features. Treat yourself to a high-quality and reliable Android Auto head unit – the ultimate navigation and entertainment experience when you’re on four wheels. Seamlessly stream music and live traffic updates from your Android phone. Want to know more? Here’s … Read more

The Best Underseat Subwoofers to Boost your Bass

Car Speaker

A quality underseat subwoofer offers a full sound experience without requiring tricky, technical installation or taking up much space inside the vehicle. These compact systems are a perfect way to improve your car’s audio system and make the most of the available space. There are lots of subwoofers on the market, some are higher quality, … Read more

The Best Car Amplifiers in Australia

car audio

A car amplifier has the power to transform your sound system. However, it’s important to know what makes an amplifier effective. Otherwise, you risk paying for something that produces distorted, poor-quality audio and may even damage your existing components. A great amp will improve your car audio and bring out the best of your favourite … Read more