The Best H7 Globes in Australia for 2021

Headlights 4

Driving at night with low-quality headlights can increase fatigue and eyestrain. This might be okay for short drives but upgraded H7 bulbs can be brighter, safer and more effective (and they look great too). To help you in your search for the best new bulbs for your vehicle, we’ve analysed the best H7 bulbs on … Read more

The Best H4 Globes in Australia (Halogen and LED)

Headlights 3

Driving at night can cause eyestrain and make you feel tired but this can be partly mitigated with high-quality headlights. Buying decent globes can improve safety and visibility when driving and also offer better overall aesthetics to your vehicle. There is a wide range of automotive headlight bulbs available, each promising long life and maximum … Read more

How To Clean A Spark Plug

Spark plug

Spark plugs play a critical role in any combustion-engine vehicle. From the point you turn the ignition to when you shut it off, each plug is under pressure, being exposed to a hot mixture of fuel, air, and oil in each cylinder.Over time, they become dirty and fouled. This is why taking care of them … Read more

How to Clean Your Car’s Air Filter

Car engine and filter

Cleaning your car’s air filter is essential to keeping it running smoothly. Car owners often don’t know how important maintaining their filter is, and they end up paying for expensive repairs when their vehicle breaks down from neglected maintenance. In order to keep the engine in good condition, we must clean the air filter every … Read more

How To Tell If Your Car Aircon Needs Regassing

Car air conditioning

Car air conditioners are a crucial source of comfort inside your vehicle, especially in the Aussie heat. These AC systems rely heavily on the refrigerant gas that circulates and generates cold air. Over time, the gas dissipates and your auto aircon needs to be regassed. You’ll know it’s time to add new refrigerant when it … Read more

How To Fix A Cars Central Locking

Car central locking

Central locking in cars and other vehicles are a standard feature in most models on the market today. With just the push of a button, you can lock or unlock all of the doors simultaneously either via a key fob or from within the vehicle. Still, the central locking system faces its fair share of … Read more

The Best Spray Paint for Rims

Car rims

Painting your rims can bring them back to life while also adding a layer of protection. To help you select the best option for your wheels, we’ve analysed the most popular spray paints on the market and assessed them against a range of criteria including durability, ease of application, and dry time. Use the reviews … Read more

Coilovers vs Springs: Which way to go?

Coilovers and Lowering Springs

The goal for most performance car owners looking to modify their vehicle is optimal handling and speed. While there isn’t an end to this quest, tweaking the suspension and incorporating a few components often works wonders for many. Lowering a vehicle by adjusting the ride height has proven to be a reliable way of attaining … Read more

Car Windscreen Replacement Cost (Australian Guide)

Smashed Car Windscreen

The windscreen is arguably the most noticeable part of any vehicle. A chipped, cracked, or broken windscreen will catch the eye of a passer-by just as easily as an unusual number plate. It is also an equally important part, and any vehicle owner recognises the value of having a clear one. Like any other part, … Read more

What Seats Fit a HiLux? A Guide to HiLux Seat Upgrade Options

Toyota Hilux

Seats are an often overlooked, but essential item in your car or ute, and especially so in a 4×4 with touring in mind, or a working car where driving thousands of kilometres is par for the course. In many vehicles especially older ones, a seat upgrade can make a world of difference in terms of … Read more