Stainless Steel Snorkel vs Plastic: Which to Choose?

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Snorkels are an excellent addition to your 4×4, giving peace of mind that the air intake has a reliable and water-free air flow. You know you want one, but choosing between plastic and stainless steel snorkels can be slightly confusing. In this guide, we cover the pros and cons of each and run through common … Read more

Nudge bar vs bull bar: which to choose?

nudge bar

Bull bars are one of the most popular 4×4 vehicle modifications. They increase the protection of a vehicle’s vital components, are better for off-roading, and offer a base for mounting other popular accessories. But is a nudge bar a better choice if you spend the bulk of your time in the suburbs? Read on to … Read more

Curved vs Straight Light Bars: Which is Best?

4x4 with lightbar

Effective auxiliary lighting is a must for most 4×4 vehicle owners. And they’re accessories chosen as much for form as for function. Modern light bars come in a wide range of options, quality, and price. They have rapidly grown in popularity thanks to their mounting flexibility and easy integration on any truck. RELATED: The Best … Read more

XTM Air Compressor vs Kings Thumper: What’s the Difference?

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XTM Air Compressor Kings Thumper Thumper Max XTM and Kings Thumper air compressors are known to be affordable, high-performing and durable. But, if you’ve taken a close look at these two air compressors, you’ve probably noticed they look almost identical. Trying to figure out the difference? Below, we compare the XTM air compressor along side … Read more

Outback Armour vs Tough Dog Suspension

offroad driving

It’s no secret we love the outdoors and taking a 4×4 off-road, but from the factory, a vehicle isn’t normally capable of handling the extreme conditions Australia has to offer. Luckily there is a healthy aftermarket sector, but who provides the best components for your 4×4? In this article, we compare the product range from … Read more

Safari Snorkel V-Spec vs Armax

Hilux with Snorkel

Snorkels are a popular addition to any 4WD vehicle as they reduce the engine’s ability to ingest potentially harmful elements and maintain optimal engine performance. Dust and water can cause a litany of catastrophic problems and a snorkel provides some assurance that this risk is reduced (when installed correctly). Safari 4×4 Engineering has had skin … Read more

The Best Oil Catch Can: ProVent vs HPD

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Oil catch cans are often installed as part of the engine’s crankcase breather system, with the role of stopping oil vapour and other contaminants from reaching, and building up in the engine’s intake system. They are a worthwhile modification to both standard and modified vehicles, with petrol or diesel engines. They have the potential to … Read more

The Best Bull Bars in Australia for 2024

4WD with Spotlights and winch

Rarely does a bull bar not get fitted to a 4×4 in Australia, due to the great number of benefits that come with their installation. It is, however, a reasonably expensive accessory and there is a wide range of options and regulations to consider before going out and buying the first bar you see. In … Read more

The Best LED Light Bars in Australia for 2024

4x4 Light Bar

LED lighting technology has really made its presence felt in the 4×4 market and nowhere more so than with light bars. The last 15 years have seen both development and popularity reach fever-pitch, and nowadays it is rare to see a 4×4 without an LED light bar of some description. The wide range of mounting … Read more

The Best 4×4 Spotlights in Australia for 2024

4x4 with spotlights

Fun as it is, 4WD driving tends to become a bit more difficult once the sun falls behind the horizon – not to mention dangerous. A set of aftermarket driving lights can make a world of difference on bush roads as stock lights are rarely capable of illuminating every nook and cranny. Choosing the perfect … Read more