Spot lights vs light bar: Which to choose?

4x4 Spot Lights

When driving in the dark, having the road ahead illuminated across a wider area increases safety. We’re big fans of auxiliary driving lights, and the options today are endless. LED technology has broadened the choice massively, while companies continue to develop traditional lighting options. If you are new to four-wheel-driving, or want to upgrade your … Read more

Curved vs Straight Light Bars: Which is Best?

4x4 with lightbar

Effective auxiliary lighting is a must for most 4×4 vehicle owners. And they’re accessories chosen as much for form as for function. Modern light bars come in a wide range of options, quality, and price. They have rapidly grown in popularity thanks to their mounting flexibility and easy integration on any truck. RELATED: The Best … Read more

Stedi vs Kings Headlights: Which is Best?

4x4 Spot Lights

Comparing headlight options for your 4WD can be a daunting task.   There are many options out there and each one appears to be as good as the next. To help you in your search, we’ve done some of the homework for you on two of the most talked about brands: Stedi and Kings. Specifically, … Read more

The Best LED Driving Headlights in Australia for 2024

LED Driving Headlights

LED lighting has been making inroads across the automotive industry for years, so it was inevitable that the technology would soon come along in a retro-fitting capacity. However, like with all new automotive technologies, the legislation takes some time to catch up and that is still the case with these replacements for halogen headlights. While … Read more

The Best LED Light Bars in Australia for 2024

4x4 Light Bar

LED lighting technology has really made its presence felt in the 4×4 market and nowhere more so than with light bars. The last 15 years have seen both development and popularity reach fever-pitch, and nowadays it is rare to see a 4×4 without an LED light bar of some description. The wide range of mounting … Read more

The Best H7 Globes in Australia for 2024

Headlights 4

Driving at night with low-quality headlights can increase fatigue and eyestrain. This might be okay for short drives but upgraded H7 bulbs can be brighter, safer and more effective (and they look great too). To help you in your search for the best new bulbs for your vehicle, we’ve analysed the best H7 bulbs on … Read more

The Best H4 Globes in Australia (Halogen and LED)

Headlights 3

Driving at night can cause eyestrain and make you feel tired but this can be partly mitigated with high-quality headlights. Buying decent globes can improve safety and visibility when driving and also offer better overall aesthetics to your vehicle. There is a wide range of automotive headlight bulbs available, each promising long life and maximum … Read more

The Best 4×4 Spotlights in Australia for 2024

4x4 with spotlights

Fun as it is, 4WD driving tends to become a bit more difficult once the sun falls behind the horizon – not to mention dangerous. A set of aftermarket driving lights can make a world of difference on bush roads as stock lights are rarely capable of illuminating every nook and cranny. Choosing the perfect … Read more

How To Clean Foggy Headlights

Car driving with headlights on

Foggy headlights are a common form of wear and tear that your car will experience over time. This condition is caused by oxidation when the plastic headlight case is exposed to direct sunlight. Even if it doesn’t seem like a big deal, oxidized headlights can reduce your night-time visibility on the road by up to … Read more

How to Wire Spotlights into High Beam

Spoltlights high beam

Spotlights are a popular addition to any off-road vehicle, and there is an increasing number of options available on the market. Be it traditional halogen lights or an LED light bar, wiring them correctly and safely will ensure they can be used reliably for years to come. Important: – There are various local rules and … Read more