Neoprene vs Canvas Seat Covers

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Neoprene and canvas are two of the most popular car seat cover materials. Both offer comfort and style but is one better than the other? We’ve analysed and compared both fabric types below to help you find the best seat covers for your car or 4×4.

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Neoprene vs Canvas Seat Cover Comparison Table

Our VerdictBest All-roundMost Durable
Waterproof?YesWater resistant
InstallationEasy to fitRequires straps
Prone to UV damage?Cracking with prolonged exposureNo
Good forActive lifestyleWork and family vehicles


Canvas is a popular material for seat covers as it is strong, hard-wearing and offers your vehicle interior a lot of protection against dirt and stains. These seat covers are comfortable, long lasting and will prolong the lifespan of your car seats. They are also washable so you can remove them and hose them down with cold water and keep them looking (and smelling) fresh.


A neoprene seat cover offers a balance between comfort, protection and style. The material is high quality, spillproof and waterproof. It is a great all-around choice and the covers can be spot cleaned when there are spills and mess so you can get more use from them in between washes.



Canvas is a strong blend of polyester and cotton, most of the seat covers are also treated with a coating that makes them resistant to water and stains.

Neoprene is the material that is used for wetsuits. A car seat cover made of this material is great for a hot summer in Australia as the material doesn’t stick to your skin or feel uncomfortable in the heat. It feels warm in winter and cool in summer which drivers appreciate.


Canvas car seat covers are best suited to use in work vehicles or in family vehicles. Any car or truck that tends to get a lot of use with multiple people in and out will benefit from the extra durability being offered. This material is also perfect if you have a pet as it is highly durable and will protect your leather seats from your pet’s paws and claws.

A neoprene car seat cover suits people with an active lifestyle. They are durable and can handle getting wet and dirty. The car seat covers also won’t fade from sun exposure so they look new for longer. The covers are soft, are made of high quality fabric and can be used to protect leather seats. The downside is that the seat covers tend to be an expensive option.


When you shop for covers, you will be able to find both materials available in a range of styles. There are lots of colour options to choose from and many two-tone designs too so you can find the ones best suited to your car’s interior. Both materials are able to remain stylish and comfortable while offering excellent protective layer over the seats.


Car seat covers in both materials are going to last a long time. Cleaning the seat covers is relatively quick and easy for both materials. One thing we want to address with neoprene covers is that the top layer may crack with prolonged sun exposure. This is part of the standard wear and tear of the material.


You will also be able to find custom fits for both materials. Generally, neoprene covers offer a better fit and are sometimes described as glove-like and stay in position without the need for ties. Neoprene tends to be more forgiving when it comes to fitting.

Canvas, on the other hand, doesn’t offer this so it is important to choose a custom or semi-custom fit rather than a universal cover. We recommend a cover for your specific vehicle because the covers are often tied in place and you don’t want the cover to look baggy or ill-fitting. Covers from companies like Fit My Car or Black Duck are a tailored fit and use flaps to secure them in position.

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Neoprene Vs NeoSupreme

If you are looking for neoprene seat covers you may have come across a material called NeoSupreme. This is a blend of neoprene and polyester and has been designed for use in cars. It offers most of the benefits of neoprene covers we mentioned above but is more affordable. Neosupreme is not fully waterproof, but it still protects your seats from getting wet. The liquid will pool rather than being soaked through to the seats.

Neosupreme is more suited to automotive use and is a good choice for days out and weekends camping. The material offers more UV protection and won’t crack as a result of being exposed to the hot sun.

Between the two materials, in most situations, neosupreme is going to be the better choice because it has been designed for use in vehicles.