LED vs Halogen vs HID (Xenon) vs Laser Headlights

Car Headlights 2

Good headlights make all the difference when driving in low light conditions. They can help make sure you see a hazard well ahead of time and respond to it early. There isn’t a lot of information around the different types of headlights available so this Laser vs LED vs Halogen vs HID/ Xenon headlights comparison … Read more

The Best Headlight Restoration Kits In Australia

Headlight Restoration Kit

Have you noticed your car headlights have become foggy, scratched or discoloured? This is extremely common as the headlight becomes worn and oxidised over time. This age-related wear can affect how well your lights work. Many people decide to replace the headlights completely in an attempt to fix this problem.  There is actually a far … Read more