How to Fix a Sagging Car Roof Lining

Car interior ceiling

A sagging car roof lining can be a very frustrating problem to have. Not only does it look ugly, but it also can make your car feel claustrophobic on hot days when the sun is beating down on you through the top of your vehicle. Luckily, there are many different solutions for this problem that … Read more

Neoprene vs Canvas Seat Covers


Neoprene and canvas are two of the most popular car seat cover materials. Both offer comfort and style but is one better than the other? We’ve analysed and compared both fabric types below to help you find the best seat covers for your car or 4×4. RELATED: The Best Car Seat Covers Neoprene vs Canvas … Read more

The Best Melbourne Car Washes and Detailers

Car wash Melbourne

Keeping your vehicle looking great can be a bit of a struggle at times, but finding the right service providers can make the job that much easier. In this article, we’ve rounded up some of the best car washes and detailers in Melbourne to provide you with a starting point in your search. These services … Read more

The Best Fuel Injector Cleaners for Petrol and Diesel Engines

Car engine

Fuel injectors are an integral part of any vehicle’s engine. Their main purpose is to deliver the right amount of fuel to the combustion chamber at the precise moment, thus keeping the engines running. Like most engine parts, fuel injectors are exposed to dirt and carbonization and can develop clogs over time if not maintained … Read more

The Best Car Chamois for Scratch-Free Drying

Car Chamois

If you are reading this, chances are that cleaning your car is just as important as changing your oil. Your mates don’t get it. “Why do you have so many rags?” they ask. To the untrained eye a drying cloth is just a cloth. But to you, a soft chamois is a way to get … Read more

The Best Car Covers to Protect Your Vehicle

Car Cover

A car cover protects your car against everything from the weather to potential theft. It is a simple yet effective way to keep your car looking new. Different covers offer different levels of protection so before you pick one, think carefully about the size you need and what you want to protect your car against. … Read more

How to remove window tint glue

Car window tint

Window tint comes in handy whether we need protection from UV rays, glare, or unwanted attention. Like most things, however, it too has an expiration date. Over time, old tint will start to exhibit bubbles due to failing adhesive or discolouration due to the breakdown of non-metallic dyes that protect from UV rays. Either way, … Read more

How to unlock a steering wheel

Locked Steering Wheel

A steering wheel lock is a safety feature that serves to prevent your car from moving on its own once the engine has been turned off and to prevent potential theft of your vehicle. If this happens to you, don’t fret. Unlocking a locked steering wheel is one of the simplest procedures you’re ever going … Read more

How to Clean Car Seats

Cleaning a car seat

A car’s interior can get just as dirty as its exterior. In fact, it’s likely the interior gets dirtier over time because giving it a proper, thorough clean is often overlooked. The fact is car interiors, especially car seats and points of contact like steering wheels and arm rests, spend years being coated in oil … Read more

Rust Converters vs. Rust Removers

Rusty Car

Rust, otherwise known as iron oxide, is a real pain in the neck as it makes metal surfaces lose aesthetic value and affects their structural integrity. If you’re planning a car restoration project or doing regular maintenance on a vehicle that has rusty parts, you understand how troublesome it is.  Fortunately, there’s no shortage of … Read more