The Best Steering Wheel Locks in Australia

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A car is a big investment and a steering wheel lock is a simple way you can help keep your car exactly where you left it. A high-quality steering wheel lock will instantly make your car a less desirable target.

The best steering wheel lock includes hardened steel construction, an easy to lock design and resistance to common car theft techniques such as sawing and prying. Below, we’ve reviewed some of the best steering wheel locks available to see what makes them stand out against their competitors.

Top Pick: The Club 1000 Original Club Steering Wheel Lock

This Steering Wheel Lock from Winner International is one of the most popular locks available. It is not only strong and easy to use but it also provides a highly visual deterrent that makes it immediately clear to potential thieves that your car is protected.

The Club 1000 has a patented self-locking feature that means it locks with just one pull. This makes it easier for you to get the device into position.

The club has solid steel hooks and a cro-moly steel construct that is resistant to common thief techniques such as sawing, prying and hammering. The Club 1000 boasts universal fit meaning it can be used on cars, vans, light trucks and SUVs.

Sperling Prolock Steering Wheel Lock

This easy locking wheel lock from Sperling provides maximum security for your vehicle. The Prolock features a compact design making it ideal to store in the car.

This wheel lock is saw and bolt cutter resistant and provides both a visual and physical deterrent to potential thieves.

This is a popular option as it is adjustable to fit most cars and it comes with 3 keys so you’ll never get caught without a key. The shaft of this theft deterrent has been strengthened to make it as secure as possible.

The Club LX Steering Wheel Lock

If you’re looking for a mechanical anti-theft device, The Club LX is one of the most popular options. This steering wheel lock is chrome-plated and has a laser encrypted key that is resistant to picking and cannot be duplicated.

This is a high-security option that can be used in cars, SUVs, trucks and vans. It utilises The Club’s patented self-locking capability and has solid steel hooks for improved car security.

The Club LX comes in a metallic blue colour that is smart and highly visible. This is a high-quality and effective preventative measure.

The Club 3000 Twin Hooks Steering Wheel Lock

If you’re looking for something that offers better protection than a one-hook lock, The Club 3000 Twin Hook is a great option. This twin hook design makes it even tougher for thieves to take your car.

This steering wheel lock can lock into place with one pull making it very user-friendly and convenient. This keyless locking system makes it straightforward to use and saves you time when positioning the lock.

The Club 3000 is made with cro-moly steel which is resistant to sawing, hammering, prying and freon attacks. Its design also has improved lock housing for additional strength.

Master Lock Titanium High Security Steering Wheel Lock

The Master Lock can keep your car safe even if your steering wheel is cut multiple times.

This model is made from titanium and features a quad hook design. The Master Lock looks great and is indestructible.

This locking mechanism is good quality, easy to install and features a flashing LED light for additional security. The blinking light makes it more noticeable that the vehicle is locked and protected. This can fit steering wheel up to 34.3cm in diameter.

The Club CL303 Pedal to Steering Wheel Lock

If you are looking for an anti-theft device that attaches from the brake pedal to the steering wheel The Club CL303 bar is a great choice.

This club is bright red so potential thieves will be able to see the vehicle is protected, even at night. The angle hook is positioned around the pedal and then the handcuff end attaches to the bottom of the steering wheel.

The steering wheel lock needs to be secured using the key. This bar is made from sturdy steel and works with any type of car including vans and trucks.

Steering Wheel Lock Buying Guide

Buying a steering wheel lock isn’t as simple as buying the first one you see. For the best security, consider the features on the device, the preferred locking mechanism and the material it is made from.

A lock can give you peace of mind by protecting your vehicle from car thieves. This buying guide looks at the key design aspects and which product features produce the best steering wheel lock

Types Of Steering Wheel Lock

  • Side to side – the most common steering wheel locks are side to side hooks. The pros of this type are that it makes sure the steering wheel is not movable and also acts as a quality visual deterrent. One of the only cons is that a side to side hook doesn’t prevent airbag theft so if this is a concern go for an over the wheel lock.
  • Over the wheel – this steering wheel lock covers the whole of the steering wheel. The pros of this include making it more difficult to cut the device and also preventing other potential issues such as airbag theft. The over the wheel cons include that they are not as quick to set up as a side to side lock.
  • Pedal to wheel – a steering wheel lock immobilizes the steering wheel and a pedal to wheel lock adds to this by protecting the brake pedal from being used too. The pros include offering a great deterrent but one of the main cons is that they are not as quick to install as other options and they are larger in size so are more difficult to store.


Most steering wheel locks are made to fit with the majority of steering wheels. If the steering wheel lock says it has a universal fit this means it will fit steering wheels of between 38-45cm. In order for the unit to be effective, it needs to fit the wheel snugly so it cannot be manipulated by a thief.

If you have decided to purchase a pedal to wheel lock it will be the distance between the wheel and pedals that is important rather than the circumference of the steering wheel. A pedal to wheel lock will usually have a maximum distance measurement listed in the specifications so you can check this against your vehicle to make sure it will fit.

Locking Mechanism

There are two types of lock mechanism available, a lock and key or a numerical code. The first is more common as the key can be attached to your car keys and you can keep spare keys somewhere in case you lose the main one. Of course, the downside of this mechanism is that it is vulnerable to being picked.

A numerical lock cannot be picked as you need a number to open it. As long as you remember the combination you will be able to take the steering wheel lock off. However, if you forget the code it is very difficult to override the mechanism.

Choose Bright Colours

When looking for the best steering wheel locks you may not think much about colour but it does play an important role. It’s better to choose a lock that is brightly coloured as this means it is more easily visible and can be seen from further away.

This means a potential thief will see that the vehicle is protected and they know it would be a lot of effort and take a lot of time for them to steal it. Time is vital for a car thief and they want to go for vulnerable targets. This makes the steering wheel lock a huge deterrent and is often enough to stop a potential thief from even trying.

Ease of use

The best steering wheel locks are easy to install. Convenience is key here. If the lock is complicated, challenging or time-consuming to install and uninstall, the chances are you will stop using it and just hope for the best. If you choose a lock that can be adjusted and is straightforward to install you are much likely to use it on a regular basis.

The Club series of steering wheel locks are well known for being quick to install as they use a patented self-locking feature.


The steering wheel lock needs to be strong and highly durable. The construction and material are very important. It’s best to go for hardened steel construction or similar as these materials will take a lot of time to break open.


As steering wheel locks are made of heavy-duty materials, they can be quite heavy. The construction and materials mean they can weigh anything from 1kg up to 5kg. Although a heavier model may sound like the best idea because a thief would struggle with it, remember that you also need to take the product on and off and keep it in your vehicle. Make sure you can comfortably lift and move the lock.