The Best Motorcycle Intercoms to Stay Connected While Riding

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A high-quality motorcycle intercom system allows you to listen to music, hear GPS directions and clearly communicate with your passenger or fellow riders. It’s important to choose a quality headset so you don’t have to deal with drops in connection, wind noise, and other frustrating limitations. We’ve reviewed some of the best motorcycle intercoms on the market so you can find the right one for your next ride.

LEXIN 2pcs B4FM Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom

The Lexin B4FM Bluetooth Intercom set is perfect for conference intercom calls with up to 4 riders within 1600 meters. It is also great for making hands-free phone calls, hearing the voice instruction of GPS navigation, listening to music, or enjoying FM radio.

The Bluetooth communication system has a universal pairing feature that means it is compatible with most Bluetooth headphones/ earpieces. For usability and convenience, the Bluetooth headset comes with two microphones. One is suited for use with open face/ flip face helmets and the other one is for use with full-face helmets. The Lexin B4FM is durable, waterproof and continues to work in all weather conditions.

One of the best features is the advanced noise cancellation technology that makes sure road and wind noise doesn’t get in the way of clear communication. The lithium-ion battery offers up to 8 hours of talk time, 15 hours of music streaming and 120 hours of standby time.

Fodsports Bluetooth Motorcycle Headset Intercom

If you tend to ride in bigger groups, the Fodsports motorcycle intercom is a good option as it allows communication between up to 8 riders simultaneously. The communication range is up to 2000M and two separated riders that are out of view of each other can still experience clear sound at 500 meters.

The sound quality of this Bluetooth headset is good as it offers deep bass, high fidelity and has advanced noise control. The Fodsports intercom set offers quality communication and entertainment so you can listen to music, hear GPS directions or enjoy hands-free communication with your group.

This motorcycle intercom has various sound notifications so you always know what’s going on without needing to look at a control panel. These include a low power notification and a voice prompt to let you know when you leave a group connection. This unit is easy to use and can connect with most Bluetooth devices, if you have a non-Bluetooth device you can connect it with an aux-in cable.

Sena 20S EVO Single Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom Headset

The Sena 20S Evo Single Bluetooth Headset is a feature-rich option that is easy to install and use. It has a sleek antenna that offers a stable connection across a distance of up to 2km.

Perfect for larger groups, this Bluetooth headset can connect with up to 8 other riders. The high definition audio is clear and price giving a great user experience. The advanced noise control helps to ensure there is no ambient noise disrupting the audio. The Sena 20S has a built-in FM radio tuner, a memory function that can hold 10 preset stations and it can work with voice prompts.

The Sena 20S uses Bluetooth 4.1 and the kit comes with universal microphone options, speakers, clamp kit, velcro mounts and charging cables. One charge can provide up to 13 hours of talk time. There is also a 2-year replacement warranty.

Cardo Packtalk Bold DMC/Bluetooth Motorcycle Communication

The Cardo Packtalk Bold Bluetooth Headset is compact, easy to set up and comes with a range of user-friendly features. If you are looking for a Bluetooth headset that offers high-quality sound and is perfect for providing a decent soundtrack for your adventures look no further than the Cardo Packtalk Bold.

The sound is by JBL which provides excellent quality audio that is perfect for entertainment and intercom calls. You can enjoy up to 13 hours of talk time and the bike to bike range is 1-6km. This is a durable, waterproof intercom that works anytime, anywhere.

The natural voice operation means you can say “Hey Cardo” and use voice commands to control the system hands-free. The Packtalk Bold motorcycle intercom system also uses Dynamic Mesh Communication to make it highly capable without the usual issues experienced with a Bluetooth communication system.

SENA 10C-Pro-01 Motorcycle Communication System

The Sena 10C Pro 01 all-in-one communication system includes a Bluetooth headset and video camera. The camera offers 3 photo modes that can take shoot, burst and timelapse images. The camera can also record in full HD and has a video tagging feature.

The four-way intercom works with a Bluetooth 4.1 connection across up to 1.6km. The system works with voice commands, has advanced noise control and also has a smart audio mix feature that can mix your voice and music.

This is a versatile kit that is durable, easy to use and works with a smartphone app too. You can listen to FM radio, share music, communicate with fellow riders and record videos on the go.

Sena SMH10-11 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

The Sena SMH10-11 Bluetooth Headset is high-quality and perfect for long-range conversations and music sharing. It uses Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity and allows you to participate in four-way intercom calls.

The set includes a universal microphone kit and can be paired with any Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone. The connection between riders is good for up to 900 meters and you can make hands-free calls too. The universal intercom protocol means this motorcycle intercom will work with any gear, regardless of brand.

Built-in noise control improves sound quality by reducing background noise. You can enjoy up to 12 hours of conversation and the headset has an impressive standby time of up to 10 days on a single charge. This system is intuitive to use, produces clear sound and lets you use voice commands to control the device.

Motorcycle Intercom Buying Guide

There are a few key factors to consider when buying a motorcycle intercom. It’s important to take these into account because the best model for one rider isn’t going to be the best model for another. Where you ride, who you ride with and the functions you plan to use all have an impact on what is going to be the best option for you. This guide takes a closer look at the various features you may require :

Intercom Range

This is the distance the communication system will work. The maximum range needed will vary depending on where you are riding and how many people are in the group. Smaller groups tend to require a smaller range but if you think you will be riding in larger groups in the future it may be best to select a more versatile option to future-proof your intercom.

If you are mostly riding in a city then a larger range will be better suited as the buildings can interfere with the signal. If you are riding in open areas then less range is needed as the line of sight makes the connection much stronger.

If you are looking for an intercom system to speak to your passenger then the maximum range won’t be an important factor and you can focus on the other features offered.

Who You Will Be Talking To:

  • Fellow Riders – if you want to talk to other riders then the most important factors to consider are the range and the number of connections possible.
  • Your Passenger – if you will only be talking to the person on the back of your bike then you don’t need to worry about range.
  • Solo Smartphone Use – if you want to use the Bluetooth headset for hands-free use of your smartphone then range won’t be an important factor.

Number of Connections

How many riders are going to be in communication? This is important as some systems only allow 2 riders to connect while others allow 6-8 riders to connect. The majority of motorcycle intercoms support 3-4 riders at a time and the price generally goes up in accordance with the number of riders the device supports.

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Mount Options

There are two main ways you can mount your intercom system to your motorcycle helmet, these are:

  • Clamp – a clamp mount is the best option as it is more secure than tape. A clamp fits snugly, can be easily adjusted and is quick to remove.
  • Tape – tape or glue is a strong option but this makes them more difficult to remove without damaging your motorcycle helmet or leaving a sticky mess behind.

Wired Vs Wireless Intercoms

A wired intercom is an efficient, durable option that doesn’t suffer from external disturbances as a wireless system does. However, a wired system is only suitable for rider-passenger interactions. It can also be an annoyance as every time one of you get off the bike the wires will need to be detached.

Wireless intercoms are more technologically advanced and for many, a wireless model is the best motorcycle intercom to go for.

Wireless Connection Technology

The wireless technology used is usually Bluetooth, FM, GMRS or FRS.

  • Bluetooth – a Bluetooth headset is the most common option as it is easy to use and convenient. Bluetooth lets you communicate with others and with your mobile phone. You simply pair your device with the person you’re riding with and you can then communicate across short distances. The range of Bluetooth is often low but it can be longer if the system is combined with other technology.
  • FM – FM produces clear sound when there are no obstructions. The downside is that other people may be able to hear you on an FM frequency. An FM Bluetooth headset tends to use a narrower frequency to reduce obstructions and provide clear incoming and outgoing audio.
  • FRS/ GMRS – This offers great range but other people may be able to hear you. FRS is best suited to use over short distances while GMRS is efficient over longer distances.

Sound Quality

Sound quality is important for being able to communicate clearly regardless of speed and weather. The audio quality is usually better if the intercom system has noise-reducing technology, digital signal processing and sound reduction. High definition speakers can help with sound clarity too.

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Battery Life

Most motorcycle intercoms offer enough battery life for hours of conversations. The talk time and standby time varies a lot depending on the model so make sure the one you choose offers a long battery life. A longer battery life is more reliable and convenient. Also, take a look at how long it takes the system to fully charge after use.

Other Factors To Consider

Waterproof – if you are going to be out in the rain make sure you choose a waterproof system. Many systems are water resistant which means they are not fully waterproof but can withstand a small amount of water without being damaged.

Ease of use – a motorcycle intercom should be easy to install and use. Check out the installation instructions/ user manual or user reviews for more information on this. Simplicity is often best for intercoms as it reduces the chance of distractions and malfunctions.

Voice Control – most systems have voice command capabilities to make it easy for you to control the system while you are riding.

GPS – checking the motorcycle intercom system can link with your smartphone’s GPS makes it easy to know where you are going without needing a dedicated navigation system. A Bluetooth headset often lets you hear the directions verbally so you don’t need to look at a screen when on the road.

Earplugs – some Bluetooth headsets come with a single earplug while others come with two. The option you choose depends on personal preference as there are pros and cons to each:

  • A double headset will make it easier to hear the conversation and lets you communicate effectively but it will make also it more difficult to hear nearby traffic.
  • Similarly, a single headset makes sure you remain fully aware of what is happening with nearby traffic but for some people, this may sacrifice some of the call clarity. If the system has effective noise cancellation technology then a single earpiece should be enough.

Music Sharing – some riders like to share music on Bluetooth intercoms. This essentially turns the intercom system into speakers for music/ radio. It’s a fun feature that is offered on many models.

Warranty – warranty coverage is usually offered for around 1 year. This is good protection on your investment and can provide peace of mind.

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