The Best Car Phone Holder In Australia

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We take our phones everywhere with us, they keep us connected to our loved ones and are an important part of our daily lives. Many of us use our phones for music, phone calls and navigation when driving but it’s important to do this in a way that is safe and legal. Phone holders are the best way to position your phone safely when driving and there are lots of styles and designs to choose from. 

With so many phone holders claiming to be the best it’s confusing to know which are actually high-quality, good value for money products. Before you are fooled into buying a cheap phone holder that looks good but breaks on the first use, take a look at our reviews of the best car phone holders in Australia.

Top Pick: UGREEN Car Air Vent Phone Holder

The UGREEN car phone holder is our top pick because it’s affordable, easy to use, and effective. It connects easily to your car air vent and is suitable for a wide range of phone sizes.

We’ve found that the unique cradle design is what makes this product stand out from the competition. The holder utilises a gravity design that makes the holder easier to place your phone in than the usual side clamp models. Further, the third clamp at the bottom of the cradle makes this a much more secure option and removes the risk of your phone slipping down while driving, which is a common complaint with other models.

One drawback of this phone holder is that its design means it can only be used in vertical mode and landscape view is not an option.

Scosche MagicMount Dash Car Phone Holder

This magnetic mount is compact, versatile and strong enough to support bulkier phones. The holder is sturdy, durable and can be positioned at any angle. Magnet mounts offer one of the best phone holder solutions as you don’t need to worry about flimsy clips or sticky adhesives. 

This holder looks great, it is sleek and stylish so will fit in with your car’s interior no matter where you position it. Installing this phone holder is quick and once it is in place all you need to do is hover your phone near the magnet to attach it. 

The phone will securely lock in position so it won’t fall off during the journey. Whenever you want to remove it you simply pull the phone away from the magnet.

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IOttie Easy One Touch 4 Air Vent Car Mount Phone Holder

If you’re fed up with fiddly, awkward phone holders this one-touch placement and removal system is ideal. The clever design makes it easy to open or close the holder’s arms so you can position your phone in seconds. 

The spring-loaded air vent mount also has a one-click lock and release feature. It attaches onto the vent blade and the cradle can be rotated to the angle you need it. For ultimate ease of use, you only need to use one hand when attaching or removing your phone.

This mount can be used to provide a vertical or horizontal view and the iOttie brand has a GPS app which can not only get you from A to B but can also help you find your parked car. 

Cygnett DashView Universal Smartphone Car Mount

The Cygnett DashView is a sturdy, compact device that sits out of the way so it won’t obstruct your view. It is non-obtrusive and offers 360-degree rotation so you can always adjust it to suit your needs. This mount uses a locking suction cup to attach to the car windscreen, this offers a sturdy and durable grip that will hold on even the bumpiest journeys. 

This mount is easy to install and straightforward to use. It can be used vertically or horizontally and the silicone pads gently grip your phone in position without damaging it.

Belkin Smartphone Car Vent Mount

The Belkin Car Vent Mount is convenient, compact and easy to use. It is one of the more minimalist options making it ideal for anyone wanting a non-obtrusive phone holder. The adjustable brackets mean most phones and phone cases can fit into the cradle securely.

This low-profile mount can be rotated 180-degrees to allow for portrait or landscape mode. As this holder mounts to the car vent it means there is no need for adhesive or a suction cup and your car won’t be left with unsightly marks on the dashboard or windscreen.

This car phone holder is stylish while remaining minimalistic, strong and reliable. Worth noting, however, is that some users find the lack of a third clamp at the bottom of the cradle means heavier phones may slip down while driving.

Universal Car Air Vent Mount Holder

If you’re looking for a no-frills phone holder that works with most phones and most cars, this Universal Car Air Vent Mount is one of the best options. It is low-cost, easy to install and extremely user-friendly. 

The mount attaches onto the air vent so your phone will be well-positioned and will not obstruct your view. This holder comes with a free 30-day return policy and responsive customer care. It may not be the best option for larger phones such as the iPhone Plus but for a standard smartphone, this holder is a great choice. 

Car Phone Holder Comparison Table

Phone HolderOur VerdictMount TypeHolder TypePhone SizesCheck Price
UGREENBest overallAir ventGravity cradle4.7″ – 7″Amazon
IOttie Easy OneRunner upAir ventCradle2. 3” – 3. 7” widthAmazon
Scosche MagicMountBest dash mountDashMagnetMost smartphonesBing Lee
Cygnett DashViewBest suction mountWindsceenCradle2.2″ – 3.4″ widthThe Good Guys
BelkinBest for small phonesAir ventCradleUp to 5.5″The Good Guys
Universal HolderBest budget optionAir ventCradleeBay

Car Phone Holder Buyer’s Guide 

A car phone holder is a simple accessory that should be reliable, quick to install and easy to use. Unfortunately, the market is saturated with low-quality options that break easily and leave marks on your car. To help you avoid poor quality holders use this buying guide so you know which features to look out for. 

Who Needs A Car Phone Holder? 

A car phone holder is great for anyone that drives. It is a low-cost accessory that not only makes life easier but also makes your journeys safer. Here are the top benefits of installing a car phone holder:

  • Allows you to easily use your phone for hands-free calls 
  • Lets you control your music
  • Keeps your phone in a safe place 
  • Protects your phone from damage 
  • Well positioned for navigation and directions 
  • Some holders can be used to wirelessly charge your phone 

Installation Method 

There are a few ways a phone holder can be secured to the interior of your car. Below are the main options:

  • Clip-on – a clip-on car phone holder attaches to the car’s air vent. This is a popular option and there is a lot of variation in the available products. This type of holder is clean and convenient but they are not all universal. Not all clip types work with all air vents so it may be best to find one that is designed for your car’s make and model. 
  • Suction Cup – a phone holder with a suction cup is designed to attach to the windscreen. This method is sturdy and is considered strong enough for all phone types (even larger, heavier models). The suction cup is durable but can leave marks on the windscreen. 
  • Adhesive – an adhesive mount is secure and strong but it tends not to be the most popular due to its stickiness. When you want to remove an adhesive mount it can leave a sticky mark behind which is not easy to get rid of. 

Types Of Holder

There are three main types of phone holder available. These differ in style and how they hold your phone in position. The one you choose will depend on how strong, sleek or versatile you want it to be.

  • Magnetic – a magnetic phone holder is a time-saving option. You can attach and remove your phone in no time at all and your phone stays securely on the magnet until you take it off. For a magnetic holder to work you usually need to stick a small magnet onto the back of your phone or phone case. This is removable but is generally small enough not to cause an issue. 
  • Cradle/ Clamp – a cradle is one of the most popular phone holder types but it is important the cradle is easy to adjust in order to securely hold the phone in place. If you choose one of these, try to go for a quick-release or one-touch system as these are much easier to use. 
  • Spring-Load Grip – a holder with a spring-loaded grip system is generally good for holding a range of phone sizes tightly. Sometimes they can hold phones a bit too tightly but at least you know your phone is not going to go anywhere.


Whichever phone mount you choose, make sure it has the appropriate grip to prevent your phone from falling and being scratched or damaged. The grip needs to be reliable, robust and strong enough to hold your phone. Always check the base of the mount to ensure it is securely attached to the car’s interior before you attach your phone.


Even if a phone holder says that it works with all phones this may not be the case. As phones now come in such a wide range of sizes it is difficult to find holders that offer the right height, width and strength for all phones. 

Due to this, it is better to look for a phone holder that is designed for use with the phone make and model you are using. This helps to ensure you have the best user experience. 

This is particularly important if you have a large phone. If your phone is big and bulky it is best to get a suction or magnetic holder rather than a cradle holder. These are more likely to be able to hold your phone in the right position without breaking or losing grip when driving. 


Being able to rotate and adjust the mount is very useful. This lets you change the position of your phone to suit your needs so if you are using it to make a call or for music you can position it vertically and angle the phone towards you or your passenger and if you are using it for GPS you can have the horizontal so you can see more of the map at a quick glance. 

If you aren’t sure what you’re going to be using your phone for its best to get a mount that is adjustable to give you the best of both worlds.

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