The Best Baby Car Mirrors in Australia

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As a baby car seat has to be rear-facing for the first 6 months it’s common for parents to frequently feel the urge to turn around or pull over to check on their little one.

This can be distracting and dangerous so a baby car mirror is a popular solution that lets you keep an eye on your baby while still concentrating on the road.

These mirrors come in all shapes and sizes but they are not all made to the same standard. To help you in your search, we have analysed the most popular baby car mirrors on the market and assessed them against a range of important criteria including size, installation and stability.

Best Overall: Royal Rascals Baby Car Mirror

The Royal Rascals Mirror is large, shatterproof and highly adjustable making it easy to position.

This is an updated design made from laser cut acrylic, it features a bigger mount that holds the mirror still with fewer vibrations so you can have a clear view of your little one at all times. The strap and buckle design has also been improved to make it more user-friendly and secure.

One of the features we love about the Royal Rascals mirror is the lockable ball joint. This lets you set the viewing angle exactly as you need it and then lock the position so it doesn’t get knocked or drop-down during the journey. With all these practical features installing this car mirror is quick and easy.

This is a sturdy mirror that just needs to be wiped clean with a microfiber cloth when it gets dirty. The mirror comes with an included “Baby on Board” sign with a suction pad for attaching to the window.

Baby’s Favourite: Brica Swing! Baby in Sight Car Mirror

This baby car mirror from Brica Swing is designed to do two things. First, it allows the driver and baby to see each other and second, it is designed with fun animals that will swing with the motion of the car to keep your baby entertained.

We love the bright colours and fun animal theme of this mirror. It is perfect for babies that aren’t keen on car rides and need a distraction to keep them smiling. Many mirrors don’t offer this kind of interactive design that considers the baby as well as the driver so we were pleased to see this.

The angle and positioning options for this mirror are limited compared to the Royal Rascals mirror but the large size means you should still be able to see your smallest passenger without issue.

The Brica Swing mirror offers multiple attachment options so you can securely install the mirror in cars with headrests and without. Setting up this mirror is quick and easy, it is not fiddly like some alternative mirrors.

Unfortunately, the straps aren’t quite as durable as we’d like and seem to wear down after a few months (this could be due to sun exposure). The mirror itself produces a clear reflection that is free from distortion.

The mirror has also been crash-tested to ensure it is shatter-resistant and meets high safety standards.

Everyday Option: Dreambaby Backseat Car Mirror

The Dreambaby Backseat Car Mirror offers a wide-angle view and features a fabric frame that looks smart in any car.

The mirror is shatterproof and comes with a variety of attachments options allowing it to be used in most vehicles. It fits most car headrests but can’t be used in cars that don’t have adjustable headrests. The attachments are easy to remove so you can take the mirror out when not in use.

This mirror measures 20 x 24cm so it isn’t as large as some of the other options. This isn’t an issue as the positioning is fully adjustable so you will be able to see your little one clearly. Despite being smaller, this mirror is 440g so it is one of the heavier options.

Minimalist Pick: Britax Back Seat Swivel Mirror

This swivel mirror from Britax features one of the more simple styles, it looks sleek with a grey frame and doesn’t have any unnecessary add-ons. It is large in size and uses adjustable buckle straps to attach to a seat headrest.

One of the great things about this mirror is that its large size gives you a clear view of what your baby is up to. The convex mirror allows you to see your little one from head to toe and it is easy to adjust the position too.

One of the downsides to the positioning of this car seat mirror is that it is easy to knock the mirror out of position when you are putting your baby in/ out of the car. This can be annoying as a simple position lock like the one seen on the Royal Rascals mirror is all that’s needed to prevent it from happening.

The frame of this mirror is simple, sleek and easy to keep clean.

Most Compact: Munchkin Brica Stay In Place Car Mirror

The Munchkin Brika baby mirror is designed to attach to the back window using a push-lock suction cup. It can also be clipped onto a visor for keeping an eye on forward-facing children.

The mirror features a ball-and-socket design that makes it quick and easy to switch between the attachments as needed. We like that the mirror is held strongly in place but you are still able to pivot and rotate it with ease to give you the best view.

The mirror is 12.4 x 7.6cm making it the baby car mirror smallest listed, this is ideal for smaller cars. The small size and lightweight (114g) make this mirror suitable for positioning on the driver-side visor for keeping an eye on forward-facing car seats too. We find the lighter mirrors are very easy to install and don’t dislodge as often as heavier models.

Convenient Pick: Car Baby Seat Mirror

This extra-large car mirror is wide and clear so you can easily see your child while on the go. The mirror uses 2 adjustable straps for easy installation and has a 360-degree rotational arm for quick and convenient positioning.

The rotational arm is easy to use but because the mirror is quite large it doesn’t take much to knock it out of position.

This is a simple black plastic frame that is durable but minimalist. The manufacturers say you can position this by the driver’s seat to keep an eye on a forward-facing child but we feel it is a bit too big for this. It’s best suited to the backseat.

Versatile Fit: Brica Baby In Sight Car Mirror

This is the updated version of the Brica Baby In Sight Car Mirror.

This backseat baby car mirror includes a soft-touch frame that not only looks great but also absorbs energy to help keep the mirror steady. This helps the reflection look crystal clear. The mirror itself is convex to produce a wide-angle, distortion-free view.

The Brica Baby In Sight has been crash tested and is shatter resistant. It can be fitted into most vehicles, regardless of whether or not there is an adjustable headrest. This mirror is one of the larger options and it allows your baby to see themselves as well as see you.

Largest Mirror: Witss Baby Car Mirror

The Witss backseat mirror is large, clear and offers excellent value for money. This mirror is the largest of all the car mirrors we have reviewed and is 5-10cm larger than most store-bought mirrors.

At 34.6cm across the longest side, this is not the best mirror for smaller vehicles. It’s definitely worth considering how much space you have on the back seat headrest before buying this mirror.

This is a distortion-free mirror so you can see your little one clearly at a glance. It offers easy installation using a secure buckle system and you can adjust the viewing angle however you like.

The Witts mirror is very heavy, it weighs 500g so safety is an important consideration when installing it.

This mirror doesn’t have a soft-feel frame like the Brica or the Dreambaby so don’t expect these premium touches.

Easily Adjustable: Little Archer & Co. Adjustable Baby Mirror

The final baby car mirror on our list is this one from Little Archer & Co. This is the heaviest of the options but it offers excellent adjustment features and is easy to install.

The reflection is clear and accurate so your view of your child will not be distorted and you will be able to see the full back seat thanks to the large size of the mirror. For safety, this mirror is made from shatterproof acrylic.

You install this backseat mirror using 2 adjustable straps. These straps can be used in any car and feature buckles so you can remove the double strap system in a few seconds if needed. Once installed, you can adjust the angle of the baby mirror using the 360-degree pivot.

Baby Car Mirror Comparison Table

Baby Car MirrorOur VerdictCheck PriceSizeWeightAttachment MethodPositioning Method
Royal RascalsBest OverallAmazon, Kogan24.5 x 17.5 x 8.5 cm370gBuckle & strapsLockable ball joint
Brica SwingBaby’s FavouriteAmazon, Kogan‎30.5 x 31.1 x 6.9 cm317gClip and adjustable strapTilt
DreambabyEveryday OptionKogan20 x 24 cm440gMultiple optionsTilt and swivel
BritaxMinimal PickeBay29.2 x 30.2 x 8.9Not listedAdjustable strapsSwivel
MunchkinMost CompactMy Deal12.4 x 7.6 cm114gSuction cup or visor clipPivot and rotation
Car Baby Seat MirrorConvenient PickeBay23 x 18 x 7 cmNot listed2 Adjustable strapsRotational arm
Brica Baby In SightVersatile FiteBay27.3 x 32 x 4.8 cm340gAdjustable strapAdjustable strap
WittsLargest MirrorAmazon‎34.6 x 19.4 x 4.2 cm500gStrap & buckleRotational arm
Little Archer & Co.Easily AdjustableAmazon30 x 19 cm530g2 adjustable strapsAdjustable pivot

Baby Car Mirror FAQ

How do baby car mirrors work?

A baby car mirror attaches to the back seat so the driver can see the baby when they look in their rearview mirror. This removes the need to turn around or pull over to check on the baby so improves safety and gives parents peace of mind.

Are baby mirrors in cars safe?

Yes, as long as the mirror is secure and properly attached to the headrest. Look for a shatterproof and crash-tested option.

How do you hang a baby mirror in a car?

A baby mirror will usually come with two adjustable straps that attach to the headrest. Once secured to the backseat headrest, you position the mirror so you will be able to see your baby from the driver’s seat.

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