Iridium vs. Platinum vs. Standard Copper Spark Plugs

spark plug

Spark plugs come in a variety of different metal combinations; the common ones being copper, iridium, and platinum. Copper spark plugs are the most popular of the three and are often viewed as standard. Many car owners often have a hard time choosing between the three especially when it comes to upgrading to platinum or … Read more

What do extractors do?

car exhaust

If you have considered improving the efficiency of your engine’s exhaust system, chances are you’ve stumbled upon exhaust extractors. These bolt-on accessories, sometimes referred to as headers, increase the engine’s power generation and fuel efficiency by improving the scavenging effect. You are probably asking ‘How exactly do extractors achieve this?’. Well, we have the answer … Read more

The Best Mufflers for Sound and Performance

Car Muffler

Exhaust systems are often the first item on the list for vehicle owners to modify or replace when seeking performance gains and an improvement in sound quality (something louder and sportier). While horsepower gains may be limited on naturally-aspirated cars with a muffler swap, for turbocharged cars changing the muffler or entire system is a … Read more

The Best Wiper Blades in Australia

Wiper blades

Wiper blades are an essential part of any vehicle but they experience wear and tear over time meaning they need to be replaced. Good quality wiper blades remove water from the windshield without leaving streaks or marks, they are durable, aerodynamic and fit perfectly with the make and model of your vehicle.  The following reviews … Read more