The Best 4×4 Spotlights in Australia for 2024

4x4 with spotlights

Fun as it is, 4WD driving tends to become a bit more difficult once the sun falls behind the horizon – not to mention dangerous. A set of aftermarket driving lights can make a world of difference on bush roads as stock lights are rarely capable of illuminating every nook and cranny. Choosing the perfect … Read more

The Best Torque Wrench in Australia (Buying Guide)

Torque Wrench

Torque wrenches are precision instruments that should be one of the staples of every mechanic’s toolbox. Unlike regular wrenches, a torque wrench indicates the exact amount of force that’s being applied to its handle, which makes it mandatory for any detailed car-related wrenching. Due to its ability to apply a specific amount of force to … Read more

The Best Spark Plugs (2021 Guide)

Car engine spark plugs

A modern vehicle’s engine consists of a plethora of parts, all of which play an important role in its operation. However, none of these are as overlooked yet as pivotal as the humble spark plug. If you have a car with a petrol-burning internal combustion engine, then spark plugs are a part of it. They … Read more

The Best Fuel Injector Cleaners for Petrol and Diesel Engines

Car engine

Fuel injectors are an integral part of any vehicle’s engine. Their main purpose is to deliver the right amount of fuel to the combustion chamber at the precise moment, thus keeping the engines running. Like most engine parts, fuel injectors are exposed to dirt and carbonization and can develop clogs over time if not maintained … Read more

How to remove window tint glue

Car window tint

Window tint comes in handy whether we need protection from UV rays, glare, or unwanted attention. Like most things, however, it too has an expiration date. Over time, old tint will start to exhibit bubbles due to failing adhesive or discolouration due to the breakdown of non-metallic dyes that protect from UV rays. Either way, … Read more

How to unlock a steering wheel

Locked Steering Wheel

A steering wheel lock is a safety feature that serves to prevent your car from moving on its own once the engine has been turned off and to prevent potential theft of your vehicle. If this happens to you, don’t fret. Unlocking a locked steering wheel is one of the simplest procedures you’re ever going … Read more

The Best Car Wash Products to Shine and Protect

Car Wash Products

Did you know that car wash soaps with pH-neutral formulas are essential for effectively cleaning and protecting your car’s paint? Or that a high-quality pre-wash can help prevent swirl marks when washing? Car wash products may seem pretty rudimentary at first, but there’s actually a vast range, and it’s worth learning a little bit about how … Read more