The Best Clay Bars in Australia

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A car’s paint is made up of multiple layers and, at a surface level, may seem completely smooth. However, the surface of a car’s paint has many small pores that capture contaminants with fine particles, such as dust and dirt, as the car drives and sits. Clay bar is a great auto detailing tool that … Read more

The Best Engine Oils in Australia

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The oil that is in your vehicle’s engine plays a very important role in the operation of the engine. In fact, engine oil serves three different roles as it circulates in a running engine – it keeps numerous parts of your vehicle’s engine properly lubricated, cooled, and cleaned. Oil can benefit your car’s engine in … Read more

The Best Head Gasket Sealers in Australia

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A blown head gasket can be a frustrating problem in both diesel and gasoline engines. Head gasket sealants are an easy option that can be effective against less severe damage. They work well as pour and go solutions for head gaskets that have minor leaks. Most head gasket sealers are placed into the radiators of … Read more