The Best Caravan Air Conditioners in Australia for 2023

Caravan air con

The cooling solution for your caravan can be one of the most difficult decisions you’ll need to make. What heating and cooling capacity do you want? Is your setup best suited to rooftop, built-in, or portable? To help you in your search, we’ve analysed the most popular caravan air conditioners on the market and assessed … Read more

The Best Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) in Australia

Tyres 1

A Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (or TPMS) makes it easy to keep an eye on your car’s tyres in real-time without using a pressure gauge. However, with a market full of good and bad options, shopping for the best one for your vehicle can be challenging. In this article, we explore 5 of the best … Read more

The Best Driving Sunglasses in Australia

Woman in car with sunglasses

Do you ever find yourself driving on the highway and squinting in the bright sun? The glare can be blinding, and downright uncomfortable if you’re on a long road trip. That’s where a good pair of sunglasses come into play! Sunglasses are important for both safety and comfort while driving. Not only do they provide … Read more

Roof Rails vs Roof Racks: What’s the Difference?

Car with roof racks

A roof rack system is ideal for adding extra carrying space to your vehicle but there are a few key differences between roof rails and roof racks you may want to be clear about before selecting a solution for your vehicle. Put simply, roof rails offer mounting points while roof racks are a carrier that … Read more

The Best Caravan Antennas in Australia for 2023

Caravans with Antennas

The world of caravan antennas can be confusing, to say the least. To help you in your search, we’ve analysed the best caravan antennas on the market and assessed them against a range of important criteria including size, weight, frequency band, and whether they are directional or omni-directional. Use the reviews and comparisons below to … Read more

How to Pack a Caravan Fridge: All You Need to Know

Caravan fridge

When you’re packing a small caravan fridge, it can be hard to know where everything should go. There are many things you need to take into account when packing your fridge for the trip – food will spoil if left in open containers and not kept cold enough, but you also need space for other … Read more

The Best Roof Boxes in Australia

Car roof box

Need advice on finding the best roof box for your car? Simplify your search and make sure that you get the best model for your needs with our top-rated roof box reviews. We’ve researched and analysed the most popular models based on their capacity, ease of use, security and durability. Here’s how to choose the … Read more

The Best Magnetic Car Phone Holders in Australia

Magnetic phone holder

Choosing the best smartphone holder with a magnet mount is far from easy with so many models on the market. We’ve researched and analysed all of the top models, focusing on adhesion, ease of installation, and general usability. Find out which phone mounts you should be considering in our reviews below. Best Dash Mount: UGREEN … Read more

The Best Key Finders in Australia

Car Keys

Key finders have been growing in popularity in recent years and a few brands (e.g. Tile) have emerged as big names in the space. However, not all key finders are created equal, and there are many things to keep in mind when choosing one. In this article, we’ve rounded up the best key finders on … Read more

The Best Car GPS Trackers in Australia

Car GPS Tracker

Did you know Australia has over 150 motor vehicle thefts per day? Whether you want to protect your vehicle, keep a closer eye on your teenager driving around town, or have a whole fleet to manage, GPS trackers provide invaluable tracking information. In this article, we’ve rounded up the most popular GPS trackers on the … Read more